Friday, January 9, 2009

Read about Honey Badgers

Apart from our usual news and pictures from the Kalahari, we included in our latest Newsletter detailed and interesting news about Honey Badgers and our encounter with them in the region recently.

They caused a lot of damage and losses. You will never believe how vicious and tenacious these small animals can be.

We honor their abilities and outstanding characteristics for which they are listed in the 2002 Guiness Book of Records as "the most fearless animal in the world"!

Also read John's detailed review of his African hunting experience in the Kalahari of Namibia.

Enjoy and contact us if you are interested in a hunt in Africa. It is our passion to share the Kalahari, its animals and life here with special guests!

Visit our website for detailed info.

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Sunday, October 12, 2008

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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Results of our "African Hunting Story Contest"!

We've had an "African Hunting Story Contest" on our website .

The prize for the best story entered on site before June 30, 2008 is a hunt with us in the Kalahari of Namibia.

It includes

Five (5) days of FREE accommodation for the hunter and his/her partner. The following FREE Trophies to hunt: 1 Gemsbok, 1 Springbok, 1 Steenbok, 1 Duiker

See detail on this link.

(Picture below: Ross Talbot hunted this huge Gemsbok with us in the Kalahari!)

Well, the results are in. We received all our judges' points for every story and the computer has done the calculation.

One of the judges said in the mail (containing his results) the following:

"It is a privilege to read all these stories, but a punishment to judge it. Every story is excellent and everyone who reads it, needs only a tiny bit of imagination to enjoy the hunt with the author."
~ Lionel, Western Cape, South Africa

This was our experience also. It really is a pity that we can not give this prize to everyone of the authors. So...

It is the privilege of Uitspan Hunting, Namibia, to pronounce the winner of our African Hunting Story Contest:

Mr. Roger D. Libby with "You Only Go Around Once..."

The first 12 stories placed are:

First: You Only Go Around Once... by Roger D. Libby
Second: Third Times a Charm by Steven Huettner
Third: My Favorite Hunt by Karen Eaton
Fourth: There's an Impala You Want to Shoot by Roger D. Libby
Fifth: My First (and Last) Eland by Paul Smith
Sixth: Old Fool of the Veld by Enrique del Rosario
Seventh: Grey Ghost of the African Veld by Enrique del Rosario
Eighth: Kudu With a Side of Warthog byKelly Garmon
Ninth: Gemsbok Will Fight Back by Terry Blauwkamp
Tenth: Hartebeest are "hard to bust" by Terry Blauwkamp
Eleventh: Namibian Gold by Steve Hoffman
Twelfth: Like the Stillness of the Stars by Steve Hoffman

You are welcome to add more stories to our site. It will be enjoyed by many others and we will definately not remove it!

Contact us if any of you would like to hunt with us in the Kalahari of Namibia, Africa.
It is our passion to receive and entertain guests in the true Kalahari way.

Till next time...

Greetings from the Kalahari, Namibia

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Kalahari Landscapes

We feel the utmost respect and love for our region, namely the eastern Kalahari of Namibia!

Nature here is special. Its droughts keep you "down to earth" and its years of good rain and abundance make you thankful, joyous and content.

One learns what it is to be absolutely dependant on God and His Creation for life.

Here some views of the Kalahari...

Saturday, March 29, 2008

African Hunting Stories Galore!

This has been so much fun: receiving hunting stories from people who have been here, who have enjoyed it and who got infected with the "Africa bug"!

As you may know from our website, we sponsered a hunt for the winning African hunting story to be added to our website before June 30th, 2008.

The motivation behind the contest, is to share hunting stories and to make it available for fellow hunters to enjoy for years to come... and of cause - to add quality articles and content to our website !

Visit our African Hunting Stories - page, sit down and enjoy all these experiences of hunters to Africa. And if you feel like it, please rate it and add your few words as comments. It will be appreciated by the authors, who we can only thank for sitting down to write their stories.

Till next time...
Greetings from the Kalahari

Hallo from the Kalahari Hunting Blog

Just to say hallo on our blog for the first time.

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We have much more to share.

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